Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Truth?

I want to talk about “Why Truth?” Why do we need to know truth? What is Truth?
I’ve heard it many times that “truth will set us free” and that sounds biblical. What else do you say about truth?
One friend of mine said “we need the truth coz its one that can give us light, the world would be so much darker if we’re living in lies and deceit“.
First, We have to understand/ examine what does truth means.
“What is truth?” That is the question every human being will at one time or another have to face, and answer. Those who choose to face it in this lifetime, and who come to God for the answer, will be set free by the truth, and eventually gain everlasting life. Those who do not choose to come to grips with this question, and those who go to the wrong source for the answer, will remain in bondage. And one day they will stand face to face with The Answer, Jesus Christ, who will righteously judge them. How each of us relates to truth determines not only our everlasting destiny, but also the quality of our life now.- www.truthortradition.com
What do you say about TRUTH?

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