Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Windows 8 Coming Soon!

There are rumors around the internet about the upgrade of the newly released Operating System Windows 7 (which sold 400 million licenses around the world) which is the said Windows 8. But the said rumors are true which was conformed during the day 1 of the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.

Microsoft will make at least four different versions of Windows 8 for devices with ARM processors, but you won't be running older Windows apps on any them, according to an Intel executive. Renee James, Intel's senior vice president and general manager of Software and Services Group, also reaffirmed thatWindows running on ARM devices will be focused on tablets and other mobile devices.

An Article from that:

Microsoft has been also busy improving and developing its Live services (recently giving Skydrive, an online storage tool, a makeover) and integrating them with Windows 8. However, Windows Live is not yet synchronized with Windows 8 in terms of development. Live is in a Milestone 2 coding phase, with Milestone 1 bits currently being deployed into Windows 8. Next week, we can count on hearing more about Windows 8’s cloud capabilities during the Worldwide Partner Conference next week and, beyond that, the BUILD conference.
Also, Microsoft talks about Windows Server 8 at WPC 2011. This is really exciting and i think will be worth the wait. It always gets me excited when windows releases upgrades.

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