- Melven Delima

Choice matters.
Either way, right or wrong
Should I Choose right
Sure I’ll win the fight
When I choose wrong
I know I could hear a sad song.

The title “Life is what you make it”
Later captured my spirit.
Made me realize what life can bring
If I got to do something.

I chose to cry
And it’s like hurting myself and let die
So I looked back
And chose to smile
Indeed it’s like rewarding yourself a life.

Now I say, destiny is not a matter of chance
Rather a choice,
‘Cause everything that can happen
In this world is a matter of choice.

A moment alone

- Brandy Vogeding

Cold as brick, under my thighs
The night air tastes like loneliness
And the loneliness chafes me

wraps around my throat like a turtleneck
Like an uncomfortable reminder of who I am
What's wrong with me

am I crying for once or is that just
Cigarette smoke curling into my sinuses
I can never tell these days

It happens so often, I don't know
What to do with myself sometimes
Except sit on cold brick and smoke

til the tears run and I'd swear
The cherry was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen
It burns so bright until it doesn't

perhaps we can relate.
I am sick and I am dull and I am plain
And I burn out so fast.

My friends, where are my friends?
What do they do when they spend time
with the person who lives in the mirror?

Because it has to be
better than this.

The Little prince

- Brandy Vogeding

You have tamed me and I am unlike
a thousand other girls you have known.
I come at you with claws out,
my gentleness, my purring sheathed like a weapon
I come at you with fangs out
lips and tongue and words hidden.
You are all lips. You are all tongue. You are all words.
All gentle. 'Close your eyes, ' you say
and I am blind and I am vulnerable
flinching and thorny, waiting for an attack
that never comes, for a betrayal
you aren't planning, demands you don't have.
You asked, 'Why would you listen to those people
who don't know the right way to love a thing.
All those adults.'
And you are unlike a thousand,
a million other boys I have known
and the color of forests
will always remind me of your eyes, and brass
will always remind me of the color of your hair,
and places will all be touched with the sight of you,
and the smell of you, the feel, and the whole world
it will be made up of you,
because one day, a long time ago,
I asked if you wanted to tame me, and you said,
'yes, ' and you
meant it.